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May 09 2018

April 21 2018

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24th Street Intersection, Wayne Thiebaud, 1977

Crazy Taxi (1999)

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April 04 2018

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Some progress.

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April 03 2018

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Image for Heidi Lee and Swarovski

Mask made with Swarovski diamonds.

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Sue Williams (American, b. 1954), Record Profits, 2008. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 70 × 70 in.

via redlipstickresurrected

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Why can’t this be real life

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Ginger Snaps (dir. John Fawcett, 2000)

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Keiichi Koike

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”Now is the time. This is the hour. Ours is the magic. Ours is the power. Now is the time. This is the hour. Ours is the magic. Ours is the power.“ The Craft (1996) dir. Andrew Fleming

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When it’s been 40 minutes since you placed your order and you’re really hungry but you still are waiting patiently because you know the food industry is hard and you hope the waiters and cooks are having a good day.

April 01 2018

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March 31 2018

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Christopher Shy creates gorgeous, unique movie artwork. Poster prints are available in two sizes: 18x24 ($105) and 24x36 ($210). I’ve highlighted 10 of my favorite horror pieces above, but check out Studio Ronin for a bunch more.

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